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Ways Of Word, 1st Blocky writing game! Hailed in February 2023 and then
released in April 2023.

A word from the author - Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft. Welcome. This page
within McNeillServices is dedicated to a concept of encouraging everyone
to, stop, and take a moment to write something creative [initially in
English] - a piece of short prose, a short poem or a short story, all
within the Ways Of Word 3D map /realm on MineTest, and then to screenshot
them or VOC-cast them here or elsewhere on Ways Of Word online hubs.
MineTest is an Open Source, CCC., 3D blocky game with volunteer coders &
moders, and with my own efforts in creative mode, *your* creative writing
can be achieved, by interacting with this realm, created over 4 years (it
has LOTS of locations :) ). In this super-large realm you can walk for
miles, swim high or low, and jump from great heights into dark (not so dark
:) )depths. Go for it! Scan the .ZIP (always to be safe and sound), unpack
it into your documents folder, fire up the .exe, and then you are off!
Write on! Best, NacKKraft

Posted by: Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft Date: 06/20/2023

By the author, Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft. Why a .ZIP file? Why not?

What is a "Binary"? Refer here >>


Quote:"[...] Linux you'll often hear "binaries" when referring to
"binary executable files" - programs. This is because while sources of most
programs (written in high-level languages) are plain text, compiled
executables are binary. Since there are quite a few compiled formats
(a.out, ELF, bytecode...) they are commonly called binaries instead of
dwelling on what internal structure they have - from user's point of view
they are pretty much the same.

Now, .exe is just another of these compiled formats - one common to MS
Windows. It's just a kind of binar[y], compiled and linked against Windows

Oh dear... No, it is quite true to have the *utmost* respect for what may
be packaged within a .ZIP file. True, when I provide to you an actual
*clone* of the game which I have created on my computer, you get it as a
.ZIP file!

Posted by: Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft Date: 06/20/2023

The prize of what is on offer is a *clone*, not a facsimile where not
everything is reproduced.

If, you the gamer, have admin oversight of your system(s) and can
anti-virus scan the downloaded .zip file prior to unpacking it and moving
the contents to your documents folder, then you will play what I have on my
system, exactly! For example, there are a couple of prominent disruptions
to the standard game, not to be found in normal play, that evolved as I was
building it. Namely, in this version, you are permanently 50% faster at
night as a "werewolf" and, also, (as I play into it in my tale) all the
originator animals suffer from a distemper, where they become transfixed
and are in "disarray" due to a "force" which has befallen them at the same
time the "ordinary" stone took to sun and bolted off the magical flame
which has cast its tendrils across the realm, causing elevated pathways and
aerial habitats and subterranean holds deep under ground. But naturally,
you the gamer have to be %100 sure of what you get, so scan it! Then,
after, write within it! Best, NacKKraft

Posted by: Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft Date: 06/20/2023

Write it, then by free-will, share it! Your creative writing.

When you do write... a poem, prose, a short tale here within the 3D realm
"Ways Of Word", then you have to screenshot it and take a written note of
it for your records and personal 'copyright', and then by free-will alone,
host your screenshot, here, in the shared "Ways Of Word" - Google Drive or
elsewhere where a Ways Of Word home has been created on FB, Insta, or TWTR,
Tumblr, Reddit, etc., or from your own page, even! I truly adore < and have been using them for nearly 20 years, a
very user friendly and simple UI. You could even setup your own free
account at 50megs and share the prose screenshots [via URL] from there (as
long as it is a .gif and held within the root folder). The quality of the
image is not wholly relevant, as long as the words can be read. That is key
and the whole point of the shared prose project. Within these pages you
will encounter examples of prose and tales which I have woven within Ways
Of Word, but turn a word or two, yourself.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill aka NacKKraft Date: 06/20/2023

Ways Of Word - [1] - Further INTRODUCTION (part one).

Ways Of Word - Riverbank - Be Part Of The Story - Built for enchanting
tales and prose and ancient computer systems!

Ways of Word on Legacy MineTest 5.4.1 is the first in-game publishing
concept online. It is a Single-Player blocky-game environment. This means
that the player explores the gaming realm,  created by Mickey McNeill, in
Vienna, and engages with it to express themselves in creative verse. These
items of prose or poetry or short stories are placed within the in-game
computer consoles or directly upon placard signs which are populated across
the whole gaming fantasy realm. The aim of the player is to write such
works and then take screenshots of their work and then share these
screenshots on their chosen online platform. Links to potential sharing
platforms can be found in the links section on this page. Creative works
can also be shared via email...

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [1] - Further INTRODUCTION (part two).

Please note, if members or contributors engage with this website or write
creative works, this data and their work remains their property,
completely! If ones shares one's creative prose one should retain a private
copy of this work, in picture, and ideally, in word for your personal
records, and only share these works voluntarily, via one's own free-will.
The concept of Ways Of Word operates entirely on the basis of free-will. At
no time should contributors steal the creative works of others while
attempting to suggest that such work is their own work. Please only share
that which you so wish to share, openly. Lastly, a caution for buddying
professional authors.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [1] - Further INTRODUCTION (part three).

If you share your work online, here or in connection with any other online
creative writing platform, that then professional publishers may see that
such exposer means that this work has been published!

*** Copyright of this "Ways Of Word" work only extends to creative works
obviously achieved in 3D blocky-art by Mickey McNeill, Vienna, ©2023 and,
thereof, the supportive artworks underpinning and inclusive of the poetic
prose of "Ways Of Word". The profoundly generous coding magic and Open
Source, CCC. value belongs forever to MineTest volunteers. Thank you! ***

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [2] - BACKGROUND Information (part one).

Ways of Word on Legacy MineTest 5.4.1 grew out of lived experience. Like so
much creative writing, people across time have been driven to express
themselves during times of confusion and stress. This creator's family was
twice flushed out of their safe family home due to the horrors of a very
badly supervised attic building project which endlessly flooded the
dwelling. We survived these horrors by making do, as one does. However, how
does one sleep at night with the stress? Ways Of Word came to the rescue. In
building Ways Of Word and implanting creative prose within this creative 3D
blocky environment, some peace of mind was found, particularly at night.
When one revisits this world, in your mind's eye, and recalls the beautiful
vistas and bizarre creations within this world, which extends from great
heights to great depths, one is taken out of one's miseries and far away into
a safe creative space.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [2] - BACKGROUND Information (part two).


WoW, built to run on legacy computers produced more that 12 years ago so
that developing countries and their students may interact with the writing

WoW, built as a memory enhancement tool and mind de-stressing adventure
game realm.

WoW, built to challenge you to write creative words directly within a
fantasy 3D blocky-world.

WoW, built to explore shapes and forms in non-normal habitat spaces.

WoW, built as the first co-operative blocky-world writing project, April
2023, where you can (of your own free-will) share your creative works with
other Ways Of Word creatives and contributors online over several

WOW, Built by NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill in Vienna, AT, across four years
of spot time and originally released in April, 2023 and supplied, entirely
"AS IS" and free of charge!

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [3] - ME (part one).

Mickey McNeill's aka NacKKraft's - Ways Of Word creative writing project
code name:-
 "Papa_s_Floatylands_01 "
on the remarkable MineTest!
The 1st in-game, 3D creative writing project, written by human souls, for
human souls. Non-souled Chat-Bots are not welcome!
In Spring, 2023, if you had referred to a search on Youtube, then, you
would not have found any prose, poetry or short stories actually published
*within* a 3D blocky map / realm / world. Ways Of Word on MineTest aims to
change that, where gamers freely contribute their original work online via
screenshots from their single-player download of - Ways Of Word. Merely
SCAN the .ZIP, then creatively write within the game!

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [3] - ME (part two).

NB. The game must be played on a 64 bit system and not a 32 bit system.
Although, said system can be as low, in specs, as a Pentium Dual-core with
4 GB of RAM, for example, and in other words, a system which is, at least,
12 years old.
PS. Please be aware that the game naturally hangs as it loads, maybe up to
+/- 4mins. This is normal for such PCs and that, also, the game is a large

Aside from taking the immense length of time to build the creative space
for the prose, poetry and short stories, I have also injected my own
creative words. Some of this prose is flippant. However, a portion of this
writing is serious, and therefore the project is particularly for young
adults, or individuals aged 13+ years. I do not intend the game to be
played by young children. I would foresee little harm in young children
playing the game, yet the target audience should, very much, be more mature
minded people who wish to extend their creative writing skills.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [3] - ME (part three).

I am Mickey McNeill. Some know me as Mike McNeill, but my lad created an
online gaming name for me - NacKKraft. He created this name when he was a
very young crafter. I use this handle in relation to my Ways Of Word,
MineTest creation and also on other gaming platforms like MineCraft, where
my handle is the variant - NackKraftGeezer.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [4] - YOU (part one).

For me you are a writer, whether you have yet thought of yourself as being
one or not.

As someone who knows a little about writing and performing songs and
approaching poetic thoughts, through my discussions with people about
singing and writing, I have learnt that the vast majority of humans have a
creative depth within them that they can open, often to their own great
surprise! These conversations have been with very ordinary people. I have
had such chats with my adult students as an English Coach & Educator around
Vienna, and I have always been delighted to recognise other people's
creative expressions in word. The ways of word very much emanate from the
ordinary. You should not have to dig into your being to find a word of
expressive creativity. These words are already there, you just have to stop
and quieten your mind to hear the inner creativity which is humanly yours.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [4] - YOU (part two).

Do not listen to the inner chatter of, "Oh, what are you trying to do? You
have never written anything that you weren't told to write!"

These voices are irrelevant. I promise you - you are a writer. Fact!

You can download, at no charge, this simple .ZIP file. Admittedly, it
surely is a large .ZIP file. That is true. Yet it holds a complete game
within it. A game that has all the presents and mods pre-existing. You do
not have to look into any further downloads or add-ons. It is ready to
play. Naturally, a person of 13+ years will realise that they *must* enable
the computer system that they use to be free of malware by keeping their
anti-virus software updated. A prudent user of this software will also run
a scan prior to unpacking the game.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [4] - YOU (part three).

After you successfully download the Ways Of Word .ZIP file, do a
pre-unpacking anti-viral scan. This is merely, good "housekeeping", as all
.ZIP files should be scanned prior to using them. After scanning, you will
find that everything is in good order and that their will be no unwanted
files. Then, as Administrator, move this .ZIP file directly into (and only
into) the DOCUMENTS folder. Then get 7-zip (for example) to unzip its
contents, there, within your documents folder. The folder produced will be
called "minetest-5.4.1-win64 ". Then click down into the folder entitled *
"bin" *. There you will discover the minetest.exe (executable file). Right
click this and manually create a shortcut onto your desktop, for ease of
use! Double click this and you will be a / "are a" - go! :)

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [5] - FUTURE Information (part one).

Before I speculate or make statements about the future, let me briefly
recount what has happened. As you will recall, the whole concept of
actually "publishing" within a blocky-game was an outcome of stress and
seeking distraction from it. Creative writing is a great withdrawal from
the immediate. 

Actually, the very first version of this prose and poetry within a
blocky-game endeavour was achieved using MineCraft for console Nintendo 2DS
XL. The very same concept was used. However, in that build administration
styled rights were used to effect the build, namely, flying. However at no
time within this MineTest 5.4.1 version of Ways Of Word were administration
rights, god mode, nor flying used. Each and every block was laid by
hand-click using anchor blocks to achieve great heights. 

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [5] - FUTURE Information (part two).

Anyone who understands the installation of MineTest 5.4.1 will know that
the game does not install in a truly orthodox manner. In this, the WoW
installation process, apes the original process, whereby, the installation
must be made to one's *documents* folder, and only there for the game to
function. I then quickly realised that, given this unique installation
requirement that there was a very real possibility to used it in a way to
share the game in its complete form. It worked! You now have it!
What you will have now is the game version - Ways Of Word V.1.0 RIVERBANK
Edition. This edition has a very special construct / build within it. A
truly massive entity which took weeks to finish. However, you must walk,
swim and climb to it, or even drop in on it. You cannot teleport to this
big structure. There are lots of areas within the game which have to be
visited by getting there "kinetically".

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

Ways Of Word - [5] - FUTURE Information (part three).


Given what I have said, above, I wish now to take time to focus on some
more creative writing of my own for Ways Of Word, more "micro-prose" and a
larger undertaking - a full story using the key idea of "Riverbanks".

Also, in the next iteration of Ways Of Word, I will complete a pleasant
little settlement within the structure - Super Geo Orbital Riverbank.
To-date, Riverbank is a very nice planted area with only one rather special
aerial residence. This next version of Single-player Ways Of Word will be
called, Ways Of Word - Riverbank Home.

For the more distant future I may explore the idea of replicating Ways Of
Word on the other famous blocky-game platform - MineCraft, both for Bedrock
& Java, and maybe also on Raspberry Pi Edition.

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/13/2023

A few additional comments from the author on Ways Of Word Riverbank

It goes without saying, that this is a not-for-profit and education related
creative writing project and aimed at creative thinkers over the age of 13
years old. Privacy compliance is at the forefront of our mission and when
you choose to use the various uploading and input methods available, we
will not harvest your data or original works. You are the ultimate owner of
your data and creative inputs. If you do determine to share your poetic and
beautiful stories via one of the Ways Of Word hubs and social media
outlets, you do retain complete copyright over these works. It matters not
how small or short they may be, they will remain yours, completely! Ways Of
Word shall not use such works, they will only be viewed and enjoyed. You
can write what comes into your mind, but do be mindful that personal
details of yourself that could reveal your identity to the masses are not
sought nor recommended. For example, no data on your homelife or personal
records should be shared. Many thanks!

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 09/15/2023

Potential issues with the running of the writing challenge for your

Further to comments made, I wish to pick up on two points. (1) Potential
issues with the running of the writing challenge for your students & its
.zipped software at school or within other educational settings. As
mentioned, the blocky-game is being offered as a .zip file. You can very
easily check its authenticity prior to insertion / installation, however,
you may require assistance from your local Tech Officer to grant
administration rights to deposit the .zip file directly into the documents
folder on the computers that you choose to use. Alternatively, you may be
able to attend to this simple task yourself where you have adequate
administration rights over the system. (2) It has been noticed that Opera
Mini (Android) is not rendering the page correctly.

When your students have the MineTest, Ways Of Word game open, they should
explore the realm in small groups, huddled around the PCs & take hold of a
view & creatively agree prose to describe the moment, feelings &

Posted by: Mike (Mickey) McNeill Date: 09/17/2023

Ways Of Word is an individual and avant-garde concept.

Ways Of Word is an individual and avant-garde in-game e-publishing concept.
It sits solidly as a not-for-profit and educationally focused enterprise.
It is completely grass-roots and independent. We are focused on helping you
find words in places that you will have never visited before, exploring
your mind and emotions safely away from the daily grind of normal life
within a fantasy realm which has curious and inventive qualities. We invite
contributors to wander along the outreaching ways, to swim the seas and the
water-lifts, to dive from great heights to immense depths and to write your
own words of reflection and adventure. Ways Of Word - Be Part Of The Story.
PS. Share your words freely, of your own volition and note that punctuation
and spelling is not being marked by us! What is celebrated are your unique

All good wishes, NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/29/2023

Words Of Illogicality - a poem by Mickey McNeill (c)2023 - Part One

~ Words Of Illogicality ~

by Mickey McNeill © 2023

Baa, baa, blue frog,

have you any time?

Maybe squire, unlikely henchman,

as I work from the vine.

String out your wares,

peg the colours to and fro.

Beg your pardon from the cleric,

another thought to row.

Too many have passed.

Too few can climb back up.

But from the dusk

across the darkness

Blue will merry go.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Words Of Illogicality - a poem by Mickey McNeill (c)2023 - Part Two

Hi! I am NacKKraft – Mickey McNeill and this is my ode against AI, which is
the antithesis of the fundamentals of this free-will writing project. I
take the view that AI trainers have not been focused upon illogicality as
any form of virtue, either artistic or functional.

So, I pose the probable concept that AI can't represent the kind of ideas
that I have just written in the words above. Thus, proving the human
authenticity of this project and also taking the opportunity to remind
contributors that AI generated content is not intended nor welcome. So,
keep writing using your own head as this is really important, while others
around you lose theirs to the force of non-thinking due to the influence of

Illogicality can rock, both in the high lands and under hill within the
fantasy realm of
Ways Of Word.

By the way, what would AI need fantasy for anyway? Does AI dream? No!

Best! NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill, Vienna, AT.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways of Word would like to point out this salient issue on reputation.

This matter arose nearly immediately upon our launch from our other main server.

It must be made clear that this is an independent and grass-roots fun and
educational, freedom-to-share creative written works project. Yes it is
fringe, yet respectfully - clean. There will be self-appointed websites
claiming global authority on the reputation of online clubs and
organisations using their own self-designed and (likely to save money) bot
ridden algorithmic methods of judging these websites. We will ever be
avant-garde and 'culty', but always transparent. All the methods of
communication are live and monitored.

Any communication you have with Ways Of Word will be with a human. Nothing
on, or associated with this website is fake, nor AI generated. All creative
pursuits are genuinely intended and of human origin.

Continued below...

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways of Word would like to point out this salient issue on reputation.
(Continued - ii).

It is the belief held that these so-called scam measurement websites are
themselves somewhat dubious and trawling for reactions from genuine and
sincere webmasters that are not directly contacted for any professional nor
independent determination of authenticity.

WaysOfWord | Ways Of Word wishes to reassure its visitors that their visits
and return visits are most welcome and not taken for granted nor misused.
Furthermore, we strongly endorse the fact that online safety is paramount
and that all anti-malware and anti-viral measures should be in place by

Herewith, we recommend a very good free product, much celebrated by the
online community, namely

[ ]

Avast's FREE Online Security & Privacy Extension.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways of Word would like to point out this salient issue on reputation.
(Continued - iii).

Measure our performance by the best in the business, such as Avast (other
great Online Safety Products are available) and not by scam detector
start-ups swinging a hook in!

In addition to that, may we mention that we have found

[ ]

7-zip to be the most reliable unzipper to-date in relation to unpacking
the, AS-IS, blocky game on offer, here.

Thank you.


Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Please note this very important additional point.* Part one.

There are plenty of nice things available from legitimate sources online
where grass-roots and indie creators provide their free ideas in .ZIP
format download via their own independently created websites. However,
logically there are plenty of other online entities with malign intent who
may copy this concept, herein. So caution is advised. Do NOT download any
apparent Ways Of Word | WOW .ZIP files from other sites claiming to host
such downloads. Ways Of Word can only stand over its available .zipped game
provided through:-

[ ] or via the legacy website <

Continued below...

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Please note this very important additional point.* Part Two

Any unauthorised copies of this / these files from unintended and
unknown-parties cannot be in the realm of our ( / influence and at NO TIME should anyone insert such files
NOT being provided for, nor downloaded, from and its partners in provisioning - & & Mickey McNeill - Ways Of Word @outlook,
WaysOfWord_Ways_Of_Word_Free-will_Creative_Writing_in_3D_on_MineTest on & Google Drive @WaysOfWord & Google Drive @NacKKraft.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Please note this very important additional point.* Part Three.

Of course, it has to be to pointed out, that Ways Of Word cannot take
responsibility for your decision to insert (install) the game / software,
and therefore NONE & NO liability for any loss, damages, nor detriments to
some or all of any system's functionalities shall be borne by WaysOfWord
and affiliates. You must decide on the merits of the project and worthiness
of the idea, and use of same and game, yourself. Therefore, it is supplied
and provided merely, "AS IS".

As a very worthy alternative to what is on offer here, you will always find
links on this website and on the legacy equivalent website to the standard
issue and professionally provided MineTest game, itself.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

UPFRONT STATEMENT on project commencement - Part One.

Dear WOW readers,

Please note that Ways Of Word fully respects the work of the highly
generous and creative contributors to the masterful invention – MineTest –
particularly Version 5.4.1 offered by them as free and under open CCC and
essential for this project. Ways Of Word completely subscribes to the
principles of this originator work and its free supply. This then is
reflected in this educationally oriented creative writing project which is
also wholly free. You will find that nothing on this website is hampered or
curtailed and, although copyright is claimed in creative works, all these
creative works are supplied to you directly for your creative and / or
educational uses.

Continued below...

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

UPFRONT STATEMENT on project commencement - Part Two.


However, if or when you further display and publicly use these poetic and
artistic works you must cite their origin and not display or announce these
works as yours. Of course, that would be an infringement of naturally held
copyright claimed and stated by Ways Of Word | WOW and all unique
contributing authors on this website sharing forum.

Thank you.


Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors -
Part One.

Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors on
the matter of creative writing on Ways Of Word | WOW and announcing and
retaining copyright over your (contributor) creative works.

It must be plainly said, once more, that when contributors decide (of their
own volition) to offer their own creative works, either to be highlighted
within sections of Ways Of Word, here, or elsewhere on the Ways Of Word
social media hubs, that that creative work remains wholly under copyright
of the originating author and at no time will or does Ways Of Word | WOW
suggest otherwise. Ways Of Word openly directs the truth on this matter
that those who offer creative works to Ways Of Word, either through its
social media hubs or upon the actual website, itself, that the originating
contributor permanently holds copyright over their works.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors -
Part Two.


Here, Ways Of Word openly voices that such work should not be shown or
announced publicly by (other) third-party entities without the express
permission of the originating author. Such actions would represent a
copyright infringement wholly held by these originator creative
contributors. Essentially, all creative works displayed and announced at
Ways Of Word are held under copyright by various originator authors /

Continued below...

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors -
Part Three

If these authors freely offer such works here, of their own volition, these
originator authors permit exclusive rights of sharing and display to Ways
Of Word, and where this implied and, here, asserted (as a) right to display
by and through Ways Of Word | WOW is then subsequently withdrawn by the
contributor, this originating author must expressly put this in writing as
an instruction of permanent withdrawal and deletion to Ways Of Word and,
then also, (themselves) delete said creative works from the Ways Of Word
social media hubs via the personal social media accounts linked to / with
this free-will creative writing project. Plainly, Ways Of Word will never
knowingly nor intentionally display original creative works without the
implied and agreed permission of the originating author.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

Ways Of Word | WOW open statement to visiting (free-will) contributors -
Part Four


Authors who engage with this free-will creative writing project must,
themselves, oversee and announce copyright on their own creative works
which will always be respected and (where given) displayed by Ways Of Word
| WOW.


The easiest way to state copyright, for the purposes of this project, is to
represent a contributing screenshot image which holds the internationally
recognised symbol formula “ Copyright © 2023 “ upon and with one's uploaded
contribution. Ways Of Word also directs contributors to read and
acknowledge the separate Privacy Policies of the various Social Media
platforms before engaging with the Ways Of Word | WOW creative writing
project via these platforms. Obviously, Ways Of Word | WOW does not
influence the activities nor changing legal agreements that these social
media companies impose or may impose.

Thank You.

Posted by: Mickey McNeill Date: 09/30/2023

For the record - Ways Of Word | WaysOfWord | WOW - disengaged from Reddit & Facebook

* For the record - please note that it was WaysOfWord | WOW which withdrew
from a 5 month long engagement with Reddit due to persistent anomalous
issues with Reddit Auto-Bot malfunctions where continued participation with
Reddit was deemed inappropriate. * * Additionally, the same applies to Facebook, where Auto-Bot malfunctions were all to common, thus Ways Of Word resigned from Facebook for this very same reason in Nov. 2023, though a ghost page remains on FB.*

Posted by: Ways Of Word - NacKKraft Date: 10/18/2023

Minor Update for all future downloads after 20.04.2024

Minor Update: All future downloads (after 20.04.2024), both for the smaller
"32 Bit" game and the larger "64 Bit" game, will now contain a .txt READ ME
file. In this READ ME file users will discover similar guidance as has been
offered herein, but the inclusion of this READ ME file seemed essential as
a lot of users will skip this important information here provided on the
website. If the map / realm / game is not installed as per instructions it
will not function. The installation is totally easy, yet it seemed
worthwhile to point out these instructions in a downloaded READ ME file.
Therefore, within all future .ZIP downloads, you will find 2 files - one
will be the MineTest game, either for MineTest-32-Bit or MineTest-64-Bit
plus the accompanying READ ME brief instructions. THANKS!

Posted by: NacKKraft aka Mickey McNeill Date: 04/19/2024

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